TransApp® Coating Systems

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INNOVATIVE COATING SYSTEMS: High-speed coating using minimal space


The TransApp® coating systems combines flexible and modular construction with powder application at speeds of more than 1 meter per second. The application with TransApp® technology is based on the electrostatic fluidized bed technique.


TransApp fluidized bedTransApp coating technologyTransApp coating technology
  • High-speed coating
  • Small space requirement
  • Scalable fluidized bed
  • Low overspray levels
  • Highly uniform layer thickness
  • Low energy use


How it works: Fluidized bed technique

TransApp® is an innovative application system, which applies powder, adhesives and other powdery substances without spray guns. Thus, TransApp® systems use the known principles of the electrostatic fluidized bed technology.

The powder coating is brought into a liquid-like state in the fluidized bed and is electrostatically loaded via high-voltage electrodes. When earthed parts pass over the fluidized bed, the powder moves upwards directly to the part due to the power of the electrical field. This means there is only a small amount of overspray, and most of the powder that does not stick falls back into the fluidized bed.


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