Anodization coloursProcess of anodizing


The work pieces are to be prepared prior to the application of the anodization process. The anodization procedure complies with DIN 1761, both when there is no chemical pre-treatment (DIN 1761: E0, technical surface) and when there is chemical pre-treatment (DIN 1761: E6, decorative, flat-stained surface).


Anodizing is accomplished through electrolysis. This means that the pores will be opened, so that the pores can be dyed.

Work pieces up to 6m length, 0,8m width, 1,9m depth and 1.200kg can be treated with the anodization procedure.


After anodization, the open pores must be sealed again. This is achieved through cooking in demineralized water.

Variety of colors and patterns

With the anodizing process, work pieces can be anodized in a colorless state, or dyed in various colors. By default, Laengle offers the following shades (Euras Standard):


  • C0 Natural clay
  • C31 Reinforced steel
  • C32 Light bronze
  • C33 Midway bronze
  • C34 Dark bronze
  • C35 Black

In addition to the standard colors, multiple special colors and color patterns can be accomplished according to customer requirements.



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