The process

Anodization is used in the electrolytic oxidation of aluminum. By nature, untreated aluminum forms a thin oxide layer, from atmospheric influences. However, this is not suitable for protection against corrosion. With the anodization procedure, the top metal layer of the work piece is converted into an oxide protective layer. This accomplishes optimal corrosion protection and refinement of the metal.

An anodized oxide layer offers the following benefits:

  • Optimal corrosion protection
  • A high level of surface hardness
  • Easy cleaning
  • Diverse designs and effects
  • Many color and structure variations
  • A high level of color stability
  • Resistance to heat and salt water

The hardness, thickness and gloss, as well as the layer colors and effects, can be influenced by different oxidization conditions. Given our long experience in the field of surface treatment, and the resulting know-how, we look forward to advising you with respect to the oxide layer properties appropriate for your applications. Your individual wishes are given foremost priority.



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